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Figureline Delicate Skin Recovery Cream 15g

Delicate Skin Recovery CreamEnriched with a combination of exclusive repair complexes and anti-oxida..

RM 220.00 Ex Tax: RM 220.00

Figureline EE Skin Essence 2 10ml

EE Skin Essence 2 10mlFigureline Advans+K EE Skin Essence 2 is formulated with natural botanical ext..

RM 109.00 Ex Tax: RM 109.00

Figureline Face Contour Essential Oil

Face Contour Essential OilESSENTIAL SKIN REJUVENATIONFormulated with vital essential oils, this is a..

RM 189.00 Ex Tax: RM 189.00

Figureline Hydro-Moist Gel Wash 120ml

Hydro-Moist Gel Wash 120mlA unique hydrating gel wash that serves to cleanse your skin thoroughly wi..

RM 169.00 Ex Tax: RM 169.00

Figureline Intensive Skin Hydrating Essence 10ml

Intensive Skin Hydrating Essence 10mlNATURAL HYDRATING THERAPYAn oil-free essence that works as a de..

RM 119.00 Ex Tax: RM 119.00

Figureline UV Screen & Moisture 20g

UV Screen & MoistureMOISTURISES AND PROTECTSShields your face against sunray and environmental p..

RM 189.00 Ex Tax: RM 189.00

Skin Active Lifting 15ml

Skin Active Lifting 15mlPreviously named as Cell Active LiftingAn effective way to instantly add lif..

RM 99.00 Ex Tax: RM 99.00

Skin Active Lifting 50ml

Skin Active LiftingPreviously named as Cell Active LiftingAn effective way to instantly add lift and..

RM 199.00 Ex Tax: RM 199.00

Soothing Essence Ampoule 30ml

Soothing Essence AmpouleA soothing botanical extracts calms skin irritation and takes care of skin s..

RM 209.00 Ex Tax: RM 209.00